Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry says Horford's dunk was NOT a tech, jokes about Mike Brown's hopes in Sacramento, and Rob's playoff memories on the Big Shot Bob Pod

Robert Horry kicks off this week's show by questioning the NFL officials calling a technical foul on Al Horford for his monster dunk on Giannis, saying that was NOT a tech and was a bad call in a great playoff series. Plus Rob still thinks Golden State wins over Memphis in the West, despite Golden State's ugly play as of late, and the entire crew has jokes about Mike Brown's hopes for the Kings as he takes over in Sacramento. Rob also defends the actions of Chris Paul, as he says he would have beaten the kids that put hands on his wife and mother. And hilarious audio of Charles Barkley egging on Shaq in the midst of this strange feud with Rudy Gobert, and a former teammate of Shaq, Rob knows how this match-up would go. Plus a Big Shot of the Week to Draymond Green, and Rob reflects on his best playoff memories.

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