Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Gary Payton and Robert Horry talk about the art of trash talk, NBA war stories, and the hilarious story about how he got his nickname on the Big Shot Bob Pod

We open the show this week by getting Rob's thoughts on Jeanie Buss and her list of the most important Lakers of all-time, and how he feels like Shaq and Elgin Baylor should have been on that list. Plus we kick around the story about Master P's son starting college with a huge endorsement contract, which evolves into stories from our days as poor college kids! And we're joined by the one and only Gary Payton, who talks about the art of trash talk in the NBA, the best ballers from Oakland, and the hilarious story of how he got his nickname "The Glove" from his cousin after the NBA Finals. Plus stories from the NBA, amazing audio from Charles Barkley making fun of Georgia girls, and another inspiring Big Shot of the Week!

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