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Troop Salute

Casey Payne of the US Air Force

A full career in the military is a life well lived and a life of good service to your nation. When you hear us talk about the sacrifice of service, we're not talking about the jobs in the military. When we talk about the sacrifice we are referring to the risks involved in service. Working in the military today can be a career that's rewarding and full of opportunity, but the risk is always present. Today we salute Master Sergeant Casey Payne of the United States Air Force. Master Sergeant Payne has served in the Air Force for 20 years. He has had a full career with many tours overseas and some tours into war zones. He will be retiring in October at the end of that rewarding career. Casey's Cousin Tiphany wrote in to salute him. "He has been married for 20 years and has 3 wonderful children" Tiphany says. And Casey comes from a very long line of military men.  His father and paternal grandfather both served in the Navy, and his grandfather on his mother's side served in the Air Force like him. Master Sergeant Payne did face the risks of service during his time as well. In 2009 his unit was hit with an IED, and Casey spent several months recovering in a hospital in Germany before coming home in 2010. Tiphany says Casey is kind hearted, and always steps up to assist those in need.  And he has a huge impact on kids that he has coached throughout the years. For his incredible 20 years of service, today we salute Master Sergeant Casey Payne of the United States Air Force.
00:02:58 8/21/2019

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Our Greatest Generation fought for everything that makes this country what it is today. The men and women who went off to fight WWII, and the ones who stayed here and built this nation and its military, laid the foundation for everything we have. Just a few years after WWII ended and America came home to prosperity, there was another war. The Korean War put our men and their equipment and training to the test again. By some accounts, this short war was at times more brutal than the long drawn out engagements of WWII. This short and brutal war forged tough men. Today we salute Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Donald Dean Dodson Sr. of the United States Navy. Donald's granddaughter Rebecca Ann wrote me for this salute. She says "My grandfather was the toughest man I ever knew, however, as soon as his grandchildren showed up he turned into a big sweet marshmallow." Donald was forged by war and his generation into a tough man, but he knew how to enjoy life when he had the opportunity. Rebecca lost her grandfather and her grandmother about 10 years ago, and just 8 months apart. "Their marriage is what inspired me to always work through issues, and always do what's right." Rebecca says. And for the examples he set, and the wars that he fought for us, today we salute Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Donald Dean Dobson Sr. of the United States Navy.
00:02:49 8/19/2019
Pride in military service runs deep in many families. Sometimes that pride runs right through a particular branch of the military. Today I would like to salute a Marine who is the latest in a LONG line of Marines. Today we are Saluting Lance Corporal Dade Newell Jr. of the United States Marine Corps. Dade Newell Sr. actually wrote me a few months ago, not to tell me all about his son, but to ask if I knew if a certain artist had any plans to join a USO tour in Okinawa, Japan. His son Dade Jr. is stationed there, and this artist is his favorite. Lance Corporal Newell is an "I" Level Airframes mechanic. He's actually stationed in Iwakuni, Japan and this is his first permanent duty station after he completed his training stateside. Dad says he wishes his son could have stationed somewhere closer to home for his first duty, but he absolutely understands the need to go where the Corps needs you. Dade Newell Sr. understands the Corps because he was ALSO a Marine, who ALSO served in the Air Wing.  And what's even cooler than that is that his father was ALSO a Marine, and he ALSO served in the Air Wing. That makes Lance Corporal Dade Newell Jr. the third generation of Father-Son Air Wing Marines: a really strong family tradition of service. For continuing the family service, and for keeping those aircraft in the sky to protect us, today we salute Lance Corporal Dade Newell Jr. of the United States Marine Corps. 
00:03:22 8/16/2019
Being in our military can be a tough job.  There are a lot of responsibilities on the shoulders of our service men and women. When you add the responsibilities and time required to be a parent AND a service member, then you're talking about a real challenge. Today's Troop Salute is for a Fearless Female who is not only serving in the US Navy, but is also a mother to two little kiddos who are both under two years old! Today we salute our very own "Navy Mom Ashley". Navy Mom Ashley writes in and calls in to the show all the time.  She is definitely a P1. This salute to her was sent in from a friend of hers who wanted to make sure Ashley got some of the recognition that she deserves for everything she does. Ashley is an active duty sailor in the Navy, and right now she is doing double parenting duty because her husband, who is also active duty Navy, is away at sea. She makes lots of sacrifices to find the time to make sure her kids get all the time and attention that they need with just one parent at home. According to her friend, Ashley will be leaving the area on new orders next year. She wasn't clear if the whole family was going, or if this new duty station will put more time and distance between them, but I'm sure a dedicated mom and sailor like Ashley will make it work, whatever the situation. For being an outstanding mom, and outstanding wife, and for being a dedicated Sailor, today we salute Navy Mom Ashley of the United States Navy.
00:02:42 8/14/2019
We do a lot of Troop Salutes for service men and women who have been in uniform for years. We tell stories that are passed to us about achievements and accomplishments from years of service. Sometimes you can't help but picture that action hero character that we see in the movies. But the Troop Salute is not here to glorify only those tough veterans with years of service under their belt, The Troop Salute is here to honor EVERY hero who wears the uniform of the United States Military, or who has worn the uniform, or who WILL wear the uniform. Today we salute Kiarah M Burke of the United States Air Force. Kiarah comes from that last category, because she is still in boot camp at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Kiarah will graduate soon in the first week of September, and her mom LisaAnn Dickinson could not be more proud of her youngest daughter. LisaAnn tells me that Kiarah is especially proud of the fact that she can break down her M-16 and reassemble it in 33 seconds flat! That's an improvement on her last score of 38 seconds. It sounds like she's a great student, a great recruit, and soon to be a serious force to be reckoned with. LisaAnn says they live in Sedro Wooley and Kiarah grew up competing in the Logger Rodeo and placed in several events, so mom wasn't too surprised that her girl is taking to the rigors of military life so well. Recruits like Kiarah are the future of our military might, and when she signed on the line, she became an American Hero to us. And that is why today we are saluting Kiarah M Burke of the United States Air Force
00:02:49 8/12/2019
We salute the troops on this show because we respect the courage and sacrifice it takes to keep this nation safe. We know that military service is rarely easy. Service comes with risks and it comes with rewards. It would probably be easier for most who serve to take a job in the private sector, plant roots, and enjoy the fruits of other's sacrifices as an American, but our troops are the men and women who make that possible for those who wish to. Today we salute Paul Fawett of the Unites States Air Force. Paul's grandson Aaron Taylor of Port Orchard wrote to me to salute his grandfather. "He served in the Air Force for 27 years and retired as a Master Sergeant," Aaron writes. "He recently passed from a battle with cancer. Paul fought the cancer three separate times over five years but eventually lost his fight. I want everyone to know just how proud we are of him, and of his service." 27 years is an entire lifetime of service. He clearly loved what he did and he loved serving the nation, and that is why today we are saluting Paul Fawett of the United States Air Force.
00:02:27 8/9/2019
I've said many times before that there is no one more proud of their troop than Momma. There are probably a few dads and even some husbands and wives that might try to challenge me on this one, but I'm sticking to my guns because I know Momma feels something a little bit more when it comes to her kids. Today's salute comes from one of these incredibly proud mothers. Today we salute Gunnery Sergeant Roy Calica of The United States Marine Corps. Roy's mom, Sandy Calica wrote in to tell me that she is "beyond proud" of her Marine. This month marks 19 years that Gunny Calica has been in the Corps. He served in the 2003 wars in Afghanistan and in Kuwait. He is a Purple Heart recipient, and he continues to this day. Outside of his service, Roy has made his momma proud by being a wonderful husband and a father to 3 beautiful boys. Sandy says Roy has excelled at everything that has ever been put in front of him. For his 19 years of service to the nation, today we salute Gunnery Sergeant Roy Calica of the United States Marine Corps.
00:02:17 8/7/2019
This Troop Salute is a bit of a personal message from all of us here on the show. We had an opportunity recently to fly with The Golden Knights team as they went up for a performance. It was an incredible honor and a "bucket list" day that none of us will ever forget. For 60 years, members of the Army Parachute Team have been marking milestones of achievement as "Ambassadors of the Army". The Golden Knights are the most formidable parachuting competitors and demonstrators working anywhere today. The professionalism, the precision, and the excellence displayed by these soldiers is a glowing beacon of what the army has to offer, and what our forces are capable of. On more than 30 weekends per year, the team demonstrates their skills, nerves, and capabilities to crowds all around the US. While the shows always "wow" the crowd, the work and the dedication that these soldiers put in to show America, and the rest of the world, is the real achievement. And these demonstrations of precision parachuting aren't only for fun. These are the very same skills that American soldiers and paratroopers are training every day to keep America on top. If we need to land a man on the roof of a building or in the middle of a walled yard, the Golden Knights show us just how capable we are of doing just that. For their heroic demonstrations, and for taking us on a ride we'll never forget, today we salute the Army Golden Knights Parachuting Team.
00:03:55 8/5/2019
When you love the service, you want to tell everyone else about the great experiences that you've had. And recruiting is a great way to share your experiences and help others find theirs. The sailor in today's salute does both of these things: Today we salute HM2 Almond Groves of the United States Navy. HM2 means that Almond is a Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class. That means she's a "doc" or a medic to other sailors and Marines. Almond's husband Christopher asked me to salute his wife because he is so proud of what she has accomplished in the Navy. "August marks 17 years Almond's been in the Navy," he says, "In September she's going for her promotion to E6 First Class". Almond served 14 years out in the fleet. She served aboard the Camden, The Reagan, The Lincoln, and The Rainier. She then went on to two more years in the Naval Reserves and has spent the last year as an Active Duty Recruiter. Christopher says she is the top recruiter for the Navy in the area, another thing to be proud of. For her many years of service, and for helping others both as a Corpsman, and helping others find their careers in the Navy, we salute HM2 Almond Groves of the United States Navy.
00:02:48 8/2/2019
Today's salute was sent to us as a beautiful letter by the daughter of Sergeant Douglas Booker Sr. of the United States Army. These are her words: Sergeant Booker, known as Pat, served two terms in Vietnam. He was married to my mom for 46 years. My brother, my sister and I all knew that he had gone through so much in the war, but growing up we didn't hear much about the things he saw. As we all got older he started opening up to us about some of the horrors he had to face there, but he never wanted to burden us with it. After the army he had a few different jobs, finally finding a career on a floating fish processor in the Bering Sea. He was also a volunteer firefighter and ambulance driver for 25 years, known as one of the best ambulance drivers his lifelong hometown of Darrington, Washington had ever seen. Dad was the kind of guy that would help anyone out and would give them the shirt off his back. He would make friends with older lonely folks in town, and made his rounds every morning for coffee, checking on each of them. During the summer of 2017, we found out he had cancer from the Agent Orange he was in contact with Vietnam. He turned 70 that August. Dad fought with everything he had, some could say fighting the hardest battle of his life but lost that final battle on August 4th, 2018. He was an amazing man, with the biggest heart ever. Even after what he went through in war, the things he saw and had to do, he didn't let it change his heart. Today we salute Sergeant Douglas Booker Sr. of the United States Army.
00:03:48 7/31/2019
Today we have an update on a troop Fitz saluted quite a while ago. We first saluted PFC John Long of the United States Marine Corps back when he was just leaving for boot camp. His dad Mike is one of our favorite P1's of the show - you may have heard Fitz refer to him as "Trash Man Mike". Mike and his wife Tish are so incredibly proud of John, and Mike has updated us on John's journey in the Corps. On July 15th John graduated from Marine Corps Engineering School in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, as an 1142 Generator Mechanic. Now John is off on his 6-year enlistment, heading to his first permanent duty station in California. Mike and Tish are also proud to say John is engaged and hopes to be getting married very soon. As parents, Mike and Tish can hardly believe how far John has come in such a short time, and even though they miss him terribly, they are so proud of the man he has grown into. Today we Salute PFC John Long of the United States Marine Corps.
00:03:26 7/29/2019

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