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Spotlight with Gary Shipe

Spotlight With Gary Shipe 08.18.2019

This week we'll hear about Hand in Hand Kids and their Safe Place program from CEO Jay Priebe. They have an ongoing need for backpacks and supplies...The Soldiers of Destiny Scooter club helps out with that....Popular mid-day host on radio station Movin' 92.5 KQMV Justin Barnes is a member of the SOD and they are hosting their 7th annual Big Hearts & Backpacks fundraiser/party at Ballard's Pono Ranch on Thursday, August 22nd. Learn more online at and
00:24:43 8/18/2019

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This week we hear from the Communications & Outreach Manager at Pride Foundation, Katelen Kellogg. Since its formation in the 1980s, Pride Foundation has distributed over $70,000,000 through scholarships and grants to students and community organizations. Pride Foundation believes in building a better world by supporting students, supporting community organizations, engaging leaders and advancing equality. Deadline to apply for scholarships is October 11. (National Coming Out Day) Learn more about Pride Foundation online at
00:25:55 8/11/2019
The first weekend of August in Seattle means Seafair reaches its zenith with the annual hydroplane race on Lake Washington. For 70 years Seattle has celebrated itself with an area wide party. David Williams, the Executive Director of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum takes us on a 70 year trip down memory lane with Seafair winners of the past. Learn more about the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum in Kent online at and follow them on Facebook at
00:25:52 8/4/2019
This week we speak with Sarah Slack, the founder and Executive Director of The Tears Foundation. The Tears Foundation supports grieving families both emotionally and financially after a pregnancy or infant death. Many young couples are not able to cope with a still birth or sudden infant death; then add to that the financial burden of funeral costs and you will find people who need support. Sarah shares that the origins of The Tears Foundation came from her own loss, as well as how it has spread across the country and now internationally because of people who empathize with others. Learn more online at
00:26:43 7/28/2019
Children's Therapy Center is celebrating their 40th year of teaching life changing social and physical skills for children birth to three who have Autism, Down syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy. Recently they have expanded their mission to serve children up to 18. Learn more online at
00:27:54 7/22/2019
Gina Haines and Nate Lanting from Recovery Beyond join us today to talk about a new paradigm for addiction recovery. Recovery Beyond works with current addiction treatment programs to provide the two additional, critical success factors for long-term sobriety: a new, enduring lifestyle of healthy behaviors and activities; and a long-term community filled with positive relationships and support. From fitness training all the way up to climbing the summit of Mt. Rainier, Recovery Beyond has new ways to reach stable sobriety. Learn more at
00:29:28 7/14/2019
This week we'll hear of a unique fundraising event coming to Seattle in September; the inaugural Tour de Pier.Lisa Manheim is the Executive Director of the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research as well as the Co-Founder of Tour de Pier.Lisa started the Tour de Pier in Los Angeles seven years ago and has raised millions of dollars for pancreatic cancer research, and now it moves to Seattle. Pancreatic cancer is, unfortunately, easily overlooked in its early stages. Over 50,000 people will be diagnosed in the US each year and 45,000 die of it each year.The Seattle Tour de Pier is a bike ride on stationary exercise bikes. Instead of a traditional cycling event where the participants get strung out on a course, everyone stays together as they are encouraged and entertained from a main-stage.The number of bikes is limited, so enter early for this September 14th event at Lake Union Park. and you can learn more about pancreatic cancer at the Hirshberg Foundation
00:28:43 7/8/2019
This week we hear from the Friendship Circle of Washington's Development Manager, Andrea Stacy. Friendship Circle of Washington seeks to bring together special needs kids and teens with volunteer teens. Leveraging the positive impact of friendship, understanding, and shared experiences has the potential to transform the lives of children and teens with special needs as well as the volunteer teens. Andrea also speaks about a fun event July 18th that will act as a fundraiser for Friendship Circle they are calling FC Chopped: Grill Off. This will be a grilling competition along the lines of the popular TV show Chopped. Learn more online at and
00:28:20 6/30/2019
This week we hear from The Mockingbird Society's Executive Director Annie Blackledge and Network Representative Orion Olsen. The Mockingbird Society is working to transform the foster care system and end youth homelessness. Orion works with the Mockingbird Youth Network to train young people who have experienced homelessness or foster care to be their own best advocates. They have learned how to participate in the legislative processes that slowly, but surely are changing the lives of foster care youths. We also hear about a support model for foster families that has proven very successful for both the kids and the foster parents. Learn more online at and follow them on Facebook at and on Twitter @mbsociety
00:29:12 6/23/2019
This week we speak with Juan Cotto, the Director of Social Impact at Bloodworks Northwest about the continual need for blood. Bloodworks Northwest collects, tests and distributes lifesaving blood to more than 90 hospitals in the northwest. Juan details the need for diversity in our blood supply, not just by blood type, but by ethnicity as well. A challenge with getting new demographics to donate blood is to get people to donate regularly. A new App can help with that. Text the word Bloodapp to 91985 or visit their website to find a donation center near you.
00:29:08 6/16/2019

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