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Ali Kaplan (Twin Cities Business, Minneapolis St. Paul magazines) and her mother Harmony are the Shop Girls, talking everything retail in Minnesota. Includes: Fashion trends, celebrity brands, local deals & steals, design, technology updates and more. Should you buy it? The Shop Girls have the answers, as heard Saturdays 11-1 pm CST on myTalk 107.1 radio.


Shop Girls on MyTalk107.1

8/17/19 Hour 1: Fall Trends

Harmony Kaplan and Grant Whittaker talk shop and fashion, Pacifier in Edina's grand opening, Fall trends to try right now, Guest Chris Svensrud the maker of the world's best hammock joins in studio, and oversize scrunchies in Whose Look.
00:44:00 8/17/2019

Past Episodes

Harmony and Grant Whittaker talk fashion rules when you're a royal, Harmony's Tech Report, sustainable denim line, Nike sneaker subscription, Model with Down Syndrome becomes face of cosmetics, and your local Steals & Deals.
00:44:00 8/17/2019
Ali and Harmony share the news that Levi's will be available at Target, Barneys bankruptcy, Arc Tyrex moving to MOA, Special guest Michael Druskin is returning to retail, and Whose Look.
00:45:00 8/10/2019
Ali and Harmony taking your shopping questions, Harmony's Tech Report, Special guest Sonja Rasula, founder of Unique Markets, and your local Steals & Deals.
00:44:00 8/10/2019
Ali and Harmony talk about shopping at grocery stores for more than just food, Harmony's Tech Report, Banana Republic hijab debate, Megan Markle's clothing line for good, and your local Steals & Deals.
00:44:00 8/3/2019
Ali and Harmony talk shop every Saturday. Target anniversary collection, eating at Lululemon vs Crate and Barrel, Special Guest Dion Hughes co-founder of HiBAR calls-in, and Whose Look where blouses are optional.
00:43:00 8/3/2019
Local shopping news. Forever 21 under fire for sending Atkins bars with online packages. Here's Footlockers plan to stay relevant. Guest Stephanie Morrissey (from talks to us about fashion trends. Who's Look is it anyway?
00:44:21 7/27/2019
Ask The Shop Girls! Gwyneth on Aging & Beauty. Jennifer Lopez celebrates 50th Birthday in Versace. Scarlett Johansen's 3rd engagement ring. Harmony gives her Tech Report. Steals and Deals.
00:44:12 7/26/2019
Resort trends. Harmony's Tech Report. Stella McCartney's Beatles collection. Billie Eillish's new Clothing Line. Inside J. Lo's Subscription Box: "Body Beauty Butt Mask." Taco Bell to give you glasses that's NACHO average eye-wear. Steals & Deals.
00:43:49 7/20/2019
The Shop Girls Ali & Harmony Kaplan discuss Amazon Prime Day results, Dayton's is now officially on the Nat'l Registery of Historical Places. Here's why "Madres" changed their name to "Mother." Whose look is it?
00:44:04 7/20/2019
Whose Look is it? Harmony's Tech Report. Serena Williams untouched photos. Lady Gaga beauty line. J. Lo subscription box. Louis Vuitton Volley Ball. Prime day Vs Everyone.
00:43:53 7/13/2019

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