Alternative Truth (AUS)

Mei Ling Doery is a lifestyle-curious medical doctor, public health expert and strategist. One thing she has learnt is that what we think is right often isn't.

In this series Mei talks with some of the world's most esteemed medical experts and frontline innovators from the realm of health and wellbeing to find out the Alternative Truth.


Alternative Truth (AUS)

Psychiatry vs wholistic therapies

Modern mental illness parallels a world with unprecedented levels of talking therapies and medication. Yet, at the very serious end, the trajectory of mental illness sufferers through our hospitals, social services and courts demand the question - does real recovery demand a different approach? Host Dr Mei Ling Doery talks to Ryan Hassan - one man that escaped jail to found the Melbourne Centre for Healing and Psychiatrist Dr Anthony Barnes.
00:46:34 3/28/2019

Past Episodes

Cancer strikes fear into most of us - and provokes people to try (almost) anything to escape it’s grasp. Yet as it turns out, many of us could be doing more now to hack our health odds. Join host Dr Mei Ling Doery, Professor of Oncology Eva Segalov and cancer survivor Asher Packman as we explore the latest in cancer prevention, therapy and lifestyle hacks.
00:45:41 3/11/2019
How can we feel good about our pursuit to look good? We spend billions on the attempt for better skin and often setting ourselves up for other health issues down the track. Host Dr Mei Ling Doery asks green cosmetic pioneer Mukti (Founder, Mukti Organics) and luminary of the dermatology world Dr Michael Rich for the absolute close up and personal of great skin care.
00:39:54 3/11/2019
Eating animals is touted for the reason we humans escaped the primordial soup and climbed to the top of the evolutionary tree. At the same time, some say it’s the reason we are developing arthritis and dying prematurely of heart disease and cancer. Join host Dr Mei Ling Doery, Paleo Nutritionist Holly Sinclair and plant-based GP Dr Malcolm Mackay as we ask them to come clean on whether plants or animals should be occupying your dinner plate?
00:42:21 3/11/2019
If we consult Instagram, Biohackers and many cancer sufferers “Going keto” seems to be the diet of the moment. It promises fast results, radical before and after shots and mental clarity. Still, ask many health practitioners and public health agencies about living off mainly fat and there is division. So host Dr Mei Ling Doery sat down with trainer, cook and bestselling author of ‘the Keto Diet’ Scott Gooding and 2018 Dietician of the Year Melanie McGrice - to ‘chew the fat’ about this trending topic.
00:29:22 3/11/2019

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