Listen & Learn (or Not)

AJ Battalio, has put his certificate of completion from the prestigious Connecticut School of Broadcasting to good use. He hosts a radio program at KRWM in Seattle, he's teamed up with Anna D, (we're still not EXACTLY sure what she does but she has a senior at the beginning of her job title so we know she's kind of a big shot)these two knuckleheads are hopping on the PODCAST BANDWAGON to give you the best half hour (or so) they've got. Follow them and share their journey with real life everyday struggles and topics, quirky people stories and random conversation that they swear was definitely not planned. Listen & learn a thing or two with us! Or not...we're not forcing you.


Listen & Learn (or Not)

Let's Take Better Care Of Each Other

This week, the crew discusses everything from why AJ is in hot water with his HOA to Laurie's version of Wedding Crashers (except it's at a kids birthday party) to touching base on all the tragedies that have been happening lately and the simple things WE can do to help.
00:37:08 8/8/2019

Past Episodes

AJ, Lifecoach Laurie and Anna D dive into life and talk about everything from Disneyland to why AJ is taking his pants off in the studio!
00:27:21 7/25/2019
AJ wonders why EVERYONE seems to have something in theirs ears at all times and we discuss whether or not your significant other should know the passcode to your phone...oh and Anna forgot about her son's Sweet 16 birthday!
00:28:09 7/11/2019
Today we reveal that Laurie used to have SIXTY chickens, Anna's husband may have started a war with their 16 year old son and AJ is afraid his house is about to become featured in an episode of Hoarders!
00:28:14 6/27/2019
AJ grosses the girls out (especially Anna) because he reveals he eats out of the trash (with a couple of conditions) and Life Coach Laurie talks about why dirty fighting to take things to a whole new...and not so pleasant level.
00:28:22 6/20/2019
This week, we talk about our near death experiences and intuition...AND we're starting to see how much of an airhead Anna D really is...and we LOVE her for it!
00:28:10 6/13/2019
This week, we discuss Anna's shock and awe moment when she pulled up for an iced latte with her 15 year old son and was greeted by a young lady in a bikini taking her order, AJ doesn't see the big deal but Anna is STILL mortified. Also, how our failures can define a good way!
00:27:41 6/6/2019
AJ gets CRAP for his birthday, Anna supposedly doesn't need therapy and Laurie applauds AJ's parenting skills.
00:03:42 5/23/2019
This week, we find out that AJ (in the 14 years of knowing his wife) has NEVER heard her fart...EVER! She can't say the same about him though. We also talk about why smelling farts is healthy for you, and is year round school coming sooner than later? Plus Life Coach Laurie discusses why we all need to start believing more that we are enough...flaws and all. We are enough!
00:00:00 5/16/2019
This week, AJ got his first speeding ticket in 17 years and Life-coach Laurie and Anna shed some light on Mental Health Awareness month...the most important thing to remember is, you're NOT alone.
00:22:55 5/9/2019
AJ, Anna and Lifecoach Laurie discuss everything from leaving your kids alone for the first time to bathroom particular AJ enlightens the ladies on what it's like to use a urinal.
00:00:00 5/2/2019

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