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Fitz in the Morning Episode #88 Wed 08/21/2019

Katy Perry was there, so why not Fitz? Fitz wants to know why we weren't invited to the big Amazon Party last night. First Call of the Day: Lumber Mill Patrick. What Are You Kidding Me?!: a man clearing weeds with a blowtorch burns down three houses; the rudest state in America is New York; a town opens a time capsule on its 50th anniversary and finds nothing. Celebrity Baby Draft: we all make our picks for next celebrity baby announcement. The Hourly Bulletin: demolition at 82% complete on the Viaduct; a Seattle man auctioned Obama's HS BBall Jersey for $120k, the Dump Truck company in Monday's accident has a history of violations, Seahawks send gifts to a 100-year-old fan; Seattle's XFL Team gets a name today. Dad Jokes: a terminal case! The Fitz Files: Is Aunt Becky/Lori Loughlin cracking under pressure? Sony and Marvel Split up over "Spider-Man"; there will be a 4th Matrix movie with Keanu; "Dancing with the Stars" has Alabama Hannah and Sean Spicy Spicer. The Good Stuff: firemen help a woman in a wheelchair building paths and ramps on their own time. All Jacked Up: What do you do when no one is looking? Fitz freaks about not having his wipies and some P1's are very particular about their socks. Who Really Loves Fitz?: Fitz says he nearly choked to death on a Pepperoni stick and only Ryder came to his rescue. Troop Salute: Master Sergeant Casey Payne of the US Air Force. Insta-Therapy: should someone take a job that will mean a $10,000 raise if they know that everyone who has the job is overworked and miserable? Michael from Auburn wins Granger Smith tickets with the "Hey Fitz Gimme Something Free" song of the hour! And we salute Kenny Rogers on this 81st birthday.
01:16:42 8/21/2019

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First morning with the heater on, but don't worry it'll hit 80 later. First Call of the Day: Eugene is driving a dump truck. What Are You Kidding Me?!: a woman sets her boyfriend's house on fire because he didn't answer the door; a woman finds a live frog in her prepackaged salad; Tiffany announces a line of jewelry just for guys and Fitz invents the Man Charms; Consumer Reports recommends you keep your home at 78 degrees and we discuss our competing conspiracy theories. Text The Truth: tell us your darkest secrets -no names, just confessions, we promise; Hourly Bulletin: dump truck crashes through Pioneer Square; local celebs celebrate Sounders ownership; the Mukilteo FD has first woman Captain; kid accidentally runs over mom at Renton Park and the Mom is a P1 and calls the show! UW and WSU both in Top 25; King Felix trying for one more comeback. The Fitz Files: Brad Paisley is out at the CMA awards; Katie Homes and Jamie Foxx break up; FGL Tyler Hubbard's wife had a baby and we ask why Drew hates Thomas Rhett but not Tyler Hubbard. Then we delve deeper into Brad Paisley not being hired back for the CMAs and a Very Sad Brad calls the show. The Good Stuff: a guy has a stroke while on the phone with Comcast and the customer service rep saves his life. Make Up or Break Up - Tina from Kent wants to figure out how to make her relationship with Robert because they need to stay together for the dog. Playlist Profile: Wait - is this Hunter Hayes!?!? Renee wins the "Hey Fi
01:18:34 8/20/2019
Fight or Flight? Fitz is Fight or Hug!  What Are You Kidding Me?!: a father and daughter go viral when she loses at Uno; an Uber Eats driver claims she was held at gunpoint but was lying; TSA agent fired after passing a note to a traveler saying "You Ugly".  A woman survives when both parachutes fail to open. Fitz just found out Claire collects Floaty Pens and he wants to know what you collect. Hourly Bulletin: far right and antifa both claim victory in Portland; an Alaska man finds a 50-year-old note in a bottle; two Lime e-Bikes burst into flames last week; an angry diner threw a sign though at Beth's café; Seahawks DK Metcalf needs knee surgery and Paxton Lynch has a concussion; Cougs on HBO college Hard Knocks. Fitz fells a Dad Joke wrong on many levels. The Fitz Files: Blake Shelton has a dis-track about Lil' Nas X; The Rock gets married; David Hasselhoff has a new collaboration album including Charlie Daniels. The Good Stuff: One WSP trooper saves a kitten, another delivers a baby; a boy and his mom broke a windshield to rescue a baby from a hot car. City vs Country: Robert from Sumner and Country Girl Lisa went out; we find out how it went, and learn Fitz knows nothing about caring for classic cars. Ringtone IQ: Ryder tries to stump us with ring-tone versions of TV themes, commercials and songs. Troop Salute: Donald Dean Dodson Sr. of the US Navy. InstaTherapy: A listener needs our help with a fellow teacher who has been posting provocative photos on her social media. The "Hey Fitz Give Me Something Free!" Caller of the Hour wins Granger Smith Tickets! We give you some Monday Motivation to get your week started off right!
01:00:31 8/19/2019
Bull-Yah!!!! Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About! What Are You Kidding Me?!: Frontier communications is looking for someone to watch 25 hours of Friends while live tweeting it for a $1000; a taco-eating competition goes horrible awry; Ticket or Skip It: Drew Reviews "Angry Birds 2", "Good Boys", "Blinded By the Light" and "Where'd You Go Bernadette?" Hourly Bulletin: a man pulled from Lake Washington; local lawmakers looking to expand affordable housing; a 103-year old local woman sets skydiving record; an infant survives a head-on collision that killed his mom in Tukwila; WSP busts a guy playing Pokemon Go on 8(!) phones while driving; Dale Jr and family survive plane accident; The Fitz Files: Todd Chrissly accused of creepily extorting his daughter to keep her from talking to feds; Ewan McGregor may be Obi Wan in a new Disney+ show; Miranda's new album and song; a salute to Elvis who died this day in 1977. The Good Stuff: a guy ended up the only passenger on a Delta flight.  City vs. Country: Robert from Sumner chooses between Country Girl Lisa from Maple Valley and City Girl Trish from Tacoma. Troop Salute: Lance Corporal Dade Newell Jr. of the USMC. Believe It Or Not may make you think twice about doing a DNA test; and you may think you love your dog, but do you private-plane-love your dog?! Weekend Party Preview has lots of cool ideas for the family but Shade's On The Spot Spot for Ryder's Meat Sale Event this Sunday in Tacoma is a classic for the ages! Hint? Nananananananana...!
01:19:01 8/16/2019
The moon is following Fitz, Drew and Claire, but Mick Jagger is following Ryder. What Are You Kidding Me?!: A teen lost her cell phone privileges so she sent a tweet from a smart fridge; a Russian man predicted his own death of being eaten by a bear; a Florida man went after his neighbor with roach spray and nun chucks; a granny got high on her grandson's pot brownies. What One Thing Would Make You Happy Right Now?: Fitz wants a honeymoon; Drew says slippers, Claire needs a car, Ryder wants a movie-accurate Bat Suit. Hourly Bulletin: 50,000 people saw the Rolling Stones at Century Link; Tacoma is taking measures against illegal camping; Seahawks' DK Metcalf gives out gift cards for classroom supplies; Huskies pre-ranked #12 on strength of the coach alone; Washington Teachers are still negotiating new contracts; Tukwila property owner charged with cockfighting; The Fitz Files: Miley's people say Liam was the problem in their relationship; the cast of "BH90210" reboot only got $70k per episode; Hunter Hayes has a new song out; today is the 124th birthday of the man who invented nachos. The Good Stuff: a grandfather found out his cancer was in remission, so he cashed in all his frequent flier miles and took 30 family members to Hawaii. Make Up or Break Up: Heather from Puyallup is mad because boyfriend Chris bought a new Camaro when they were looking at family cars. Playlist Profile: (Are we getting worse as this?) Throwback Thursday: we pick old songs we've been thinking about. What Have We Learned Today? That we all need to go out for Nachos today!
00:01:13 8/15/2019
The moon is so beautiful, we must break into song! First Caller of the Day: Bobby from Darrington has a great positive outlook! What Are You Kidding Me?!: A guy gets in a high speed chase with cops on a first date; Pumpkin Spice Spam; a Guinness World Record broken for loudest soprano note so Fitz makes Drew try to break the record, we are sorry. The Tinder Avenger: a woman is on a mission to expose married Tinder cheaters by tracking down their wives. Hourly Bulletin: two dead in Tacoma shooting; castle is for sale in Idaho; Olympia woman admits to killing her mother; full scale clinic for homeless vets coming to Rainier Valley; two girls arrested for $250k vandalism at Bellingham school; attorneys say Lime Pods are a public safety problem. Sports: Russell, Ciara and Macklemore join the Sounders ownership; The Fitz Files: Mike Tyson smoking the weed from his business; Chrissleys indicted for tax evasion; country female supergroup The Highwomen have a single; we are excited about a Christmas movie starring the Mother of Dragons. The Good Stuff: young man in England hits the lottery, and he's going to use it to support his brother with severe autism. All Jacked Up: Fitz has a "death file", Ryder doesn't trust his cat with secrets but you P1's are the most jacked up. Hot Food Talk!: Olive Garden Lifetime Pasta, Chick-fil-A mac n' cheese; Troop Salute: Navy Mom Ashley. Insta Therapy: A P1 has written in for your help - his daughter's 18- year-old friend was offered money to do a nude sushi table service and wants to know how to get her to not. Binge Brag - we tell you what we're watching and think you would like as well: "Yellowstone" "GLOW", "I Love You, Now Die!", "The Family."
01:03:57 8/14/2019
It's scary that it's the 13th, but don't worry - pumpkin spice will be back soon. First Call of the Day: Barry All-Day-Every-Day! What Are You Kidding Me!?: A man running from police jumped from a balcony onto a wasp nest. A Scottish groom was so drunk at his wedding that he had to be hand fed by his mother in law; a woman in England is trying to crowd fund her butt lift surgery and we all discuss what we would have done if we could crowd source some plastic surgery. You Make The Call: a bride's sister asks if she can have the date and the venue because she got pregnant and needs to get married.   Hourly Bulletin: Lakewood Police determine no child abduction yesterday; a car crashed through the window of LA fitness ending up in the pool; the Seahawks invite 100 Coasties and Soldiers to practice; Dogfishing is the new Catfishing. The Fitz Files: "Friends" is coming to a movie theater, Liam Hemsworth is not ready to talk about Miley yet, Mamma June doesn't want Honey Boo Boo back enough to leave her druggie boyfriend. The Good Stuff: a Waco man with special needs lost his father to cancer and was taken in by his former middle school teacher.  Make Up or Break Up: Matt from North Bend is upset that wife Cassie is pushing their son to focus on YouTube when he needs to focus on school. What's on Your Mind Right This Minute? Playlist Profiling - sneaky Shade gives us 7-year-old Tanner? Getting To Know You - We tell you about the TV shows we loved when we were kids, and then we have to sing a bit of their theme songs.
00:09:29 8/13/2019
Is Drew the Pride of Burien or the Pride of Des Moines? We discuss; Drew will get back to us. First Caller of the Day: Andrew from SoDo is still recovering from Watershed a full week later. What Are You Kidding Me?!: A man saw a tree falling on a car and the audio of him talking is priceless; a man fell on his backside and claims his penis has ossified; a woman says her oven door squeaks like Usher's song "Yeah" and Fitz, Ryder, and Claire break out in "Yeah" along with the oven door. Cheater Cheater: Fitz asks how you caught your cheater and we have to hit the censor button! Hourly Bulletin: stormy weather causes mudslides and fires; criminals use ride share cars; Lenny Wilkens gets a street named after him; the Seahawks pick up another backup QB; BC's Sea To Sky gondolas come down; Seattle's Mayor wants fines for RV Ranchers. Fitz tells a really bad/good Dad Joke. The Fitz Files: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth break up and she's dating a girl; Jason Momoa is injured in a protest in Hawaii and is missing Aquaman 2; "Old Town Road" wins its first music award, sort of. Roger from Arlington wins the $1000 Minute! The Good Stuff: Florence + the Machine brought a couple on stage for a proposal; City vs. Country: Did Christine meet up with Ron from Yelm at the Morton Logger Jubilee? (Yes, but they didn't exactly roll). Ryder's Ringtone IQ is a tough one today! Today's Troop Salute: Kiarah Burke of the US Air Force. InstaTherapy: a woman wants to have a yard party but her husband wants to put out a porta-potty to keep people out of their house. Monday Motivation: motivating quotes to start your week right!
01:21:07 8/12/2019
Oh, Friday, how we love you!! Please let us offer you this amazing Bull-Yah! What Are You Kidding Me?!: a drunk-driving woman makes a roadside potty stop and falls into a creek; a man is making a ton of money writing messages on potatoes; an amazing WalMart story involving underwear and meth; a man arrested for driving 127 mph while using two phones. Ticket Or Skip It: Drew reviews "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark", "The Kitchen", "Dora and the Lost City Of Gold", "The Art of Racing in The Rain." Hourly Bulletin: a Lakewood barber is killed during a crime spree; I-405 will be closed this weekend for Sound Transit work; an ID thief is captured in Lynwood; a teen crashes into a McDonalds after spilling his drink; a 21-year-old Marine will be reunited with the FBI agent who rescued him as a kidnapped newborn. Claire has a rundown of the Seahawks first preseason game; The Fitz Files: Bachelorette Hannah is making snarky comments now about Tyler; Disney is remaking a bunch of movies that we already know like "Home Alone". The Good Stuff: an 11-year old-kid starts the El Paso Challenge where everyone does 22 good deeds in honor of the 22 who died in the attack there. City vs. Country: Christine from Puyallup meets Country Boy Ron from Yelm and City Boy Adam from Issaquah. Ron wants to take her to the Morton Logging Festival. Adam wants to take her to Boehm's chocolates and them "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at the Paramount. Today's Troop Salute: Paul Fawett of the US Air Force. Whenever Fitz gets mean messages, he sends them to his Momma. Fitz calls her and she reads some of them on the air. His poor Mama!
01:10:09 8/9/2019
If Fitz could do the whole show in Emojis, he would. Fitz brings up his old power steering debacle, forcing Drew to once again defend his mechanic's honor. What Are You Kidding Me!?: frogs fighting make some sweet sounds; a thief stole ketchup from a Perkins, but was overcome with guilt and brought it back; a woman at a zoo climbed into the Giraffe pit and got kicked in the head; a woman at the airport in Colombia was arrested with breast implants full of cocaine. Hourly Bulletin: an Olympia driver intentionally hits a road construction worker; a Kent woman is accused of using her access as a delivery driver to steal packages; a terrifying incident at a Federal Way WalMart as a man with a gun makes threats; Wednesday morning's rush hour traffic was caused by a baby being born. The Seahawks first preseason game is tonight! Claire runs down who is playing and who is not. We all run down our personal ailments. The Fitz Files: Tom Brady and Giselle put their $40 million house on sale, sparking panic that he's leaving Boston; Meg Ryan loves being engaged to John Mellencamp, but they in no hurry to actually marry. The Good Stuff: a man jumps into a canal to rescue his dog from the jaws of a gator. Make Up or Break Up: Ryan from Auburn is mad that his girlfriend Dana is throwing out all his stuff since she moved in, but Dana says Ryan's stuff is garbage and she's doing him a favor. Playlist Profiling is a major stumper! Fitz questions whether married people should be friends with members of the opposite sex. Fitz is convinced Drew's mom doesn't love him - and convinces the rest of us.
01:08:22 8/8/2019
This week couldn't be more American, from Watershed to the US Army Golden Knights to Fitz's National Anthem at the Mariners Game! First Caller of the Day Brent from Buckley was at the game. What Are You Kidding Me?!: lightning struck a septic tank and blew up a toilet; someone figured out how to play "We Will Rock You" on electric razors and typewriters; a woman got a note asking for her panties. Fitz says a new survey shows most people want to hear bad news before good news. Hourly Bulletin: election results; a pilot is safe after flipping his plane in the Sound; the president of NHL Seattle says they will weed out ticket brokers; three more southern resident Orcas declared dead; Kent Police say an increase in crime highlights need for more officers; a Kent man is making a big splash in the Major Leagues; ferry rates are going up; excavators are disappearing in Pierce County. After County Wars, brace yourself cuz Fitz throws in a Dad Joke. The Fitz Files: "Bachelorette's" Tyler is in legal trouble in Florida; Tyrese is shading the Rock because "Hobbs & Shaw" didn't make much money; Disney is offering a Hulu/ESPN bundle with their new streaming service; Kane Brown and his wife saw a rattlesnake in their driveway, and she lost it. The Good Stuff: two police officers find out they are actually brothers after one of them does a DNA test. Are You All Jacked Up? Cuz the Prime Minister of Twang sure is! Troop Salute: Gunnery Sergeant Roy Calica USMC. Fitz tells us about his experience singing the National Anthem at the Mariners game; we compare him to some famous anthem fails; Storm Area 51 Update: Facebook took down the group page but some strippers are headed to the rescue!
01:18:46 8/7/2019

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