The Rich Eisen Show

REShow: Peter King and Patrick Peterson. Hour 1 (10-26-20)

Rich kicks off the week remarking on a remarkable sports weekend, and weighs in on the Buccaneers signing of controversial wideout Antonio Brown to join Tom Brady, and an in-depth recap of the Cardinals thrilling overtime win over the Seahawks (1:33). NBC Sports' Peter King and Rich discuss which team's offensive weapons he likes most, the Steelers Super Bowl chances, why the Niners are hitting their stride on offense despite a number of injuries, if the Patriots can salvage their season after a 2-4 start, (23:00). Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson joins the show to discuss Arizona's huge overtime win over the NFC West front-running Seahawks and how Kyler Murray compares (favorably) to Russell Wilson, how Kliff Kingsbury has turned the franchise around, and his hilarious reaction to DK Metcalf dashing Budda Baker's pick-six dreams on Sunday Night Football (42:11).   

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