The Rich Eisen Show

REShow: Kyle Rudolph. Hour 2 (10-27-20)

Rich previews Game 6 of the Dodgers-Rays World Series, and discuss the if the big problems with the 2-4 Cowboys are fixable (00:46). The guys discuss the eminent return of Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey and its fantasy football implications (9:04). Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph and Rich discuss the state of Notre Dame football and how much validity there is to the movie "Rudy," if the Vikes and embattled QB Kirk Cousins can turn around their season after a 1-5 start, the return of RB Dalvin Cook and the emergence of rooke WR Justin Jefferson, and why he's auctioning off his customized Polaris Slingshot for charity (19:57 ). The hour wraps up with Rich and the guys discussing where they land on their respective household pecking orders, and why you shouldn't insult the Jets to Rich despite the fact that they stink on ice (44:38).   

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