The Rich Eisen Show

REShow: Josh Allen and Carl Weathers. Hour 3 (10-28-20)

Bill QB Josh Allen joins the show to discuss how he got his own brand of cereal, if the Bills can tople the Patriots from their long-standing AFC East perch, why Buffalo's offense has struggled of late, reveals just how far he can throw a football (hint: a LONG way), and his relationship with Bills Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly (2:39). Actor Carl Weathers and Rich discuss the new season of 'The Mandalorian,' what is time as a Raiders linebacker was like, how he landed his role on 'The Mandalorian,' and how his career has spanned tackling Larry Czonka to working with Steven Spielberg to his iconic Chubbs Peterson role in Adam Sandler's 'Happy Gilmore' (20:40). Rich and Brockman debate if Boston misses Mookie Betts or Tom Brady more, and how Bears head coach Matt Nagy and QB Nick Foles can get back on the same page (40:29).   

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