The Rich Eisen Show

REShow: Doc Emrick and Mark Strong. Hour 3 (10-27-20)

Hall of Fame hockey announcer Mike "Doc" Emrick and Rich discuss where he was during Kirk Gibson's historic 1988 World Series home run, calling play-by-play for historic sports moments, how announcers prepare for big games, why he chose to retire at the peak of his abilities, and his new book and advice he has for those entering the sports broadcasting industry (2:19). Actor Mark Strong calls the show from London where he's filming his Spectrum Original show 'Temple' to discuss the show's new season, his Arsenal English Premier League rooting interests, how American sporting events are much different than those in England, and what it was like filming the visually groundbreaking Best Picture-nominated '1917' (22:47). Chris Brockman wraps up the hour with the latest news from the world of sports including updated NFL injury items, why the Seahawks are getting thinner at RB, how The Masters will be mixing in some College Football this year, and the covid-19 impact on the Wisconsin QB depth chart (43:57).   

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