Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay

What did you break at work...that ended up costing the company a lot of money? Plus, something happened at Kane Brown's house that is forcing him to move!

Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay
00:45:20 8/6/2019

Past Episodes

Before the Bud and Broadway show can leave for the weekend, they've gotta reply back to all of their emails. This week they go out to Area 51 "Stormers," Jinglefest 2019 & Job Hunters. PLUS - Broadway's daughter, Hayley, is getting married in less than a month. She and his wife asked for his opinion about the ring bearer sign...so he gave it, but should've just kept his mouth shut!
00:36:30 9/19/2019
Sweet Becca from the Country Mecca says Miranda Lambert may be going soft on us...Miranda says NO CHANCE! Plus, we discovered Pokemon Go is still a thing...and on Main Street no less!
00:36:10 9/18/2019
Broadway had one job at the bridal shower for his daughter...it didn't go well - of course! Plus, the US Government is confirming that yes there is a real video of a UFO!
00:49:15 9/17/2019
Get to know Bud and Broadway a little better when we played, Never Have I Ever? Who's been handcuffed? Slapped in the face? PLUS, Bud hijacked his neighbors FREE sale...really Bud?
00:36:50 9/16/2019
Jinglefest 2019 is going to be an amazing show starring....Jon Pardi, Russell Dickerson, Morgan Wallen & Blanco Brown! Plus, what did you do for the first or last time this weekend? Wait until you heard the turtle story...what?!?!
00:23:20 9/15/2019
Finally Friday Emails this week go out to It: Chapter 2 Critics, Chris Duncan and America's Safest Cities! Plus, Broadway's son Grayson was totally surprised by The Dream Factory...congrats Grayson!
00:27:30 9/12/2019
We opened up a NCISTL Investigation...what is a fitness park anyway? PLUS, should there be an intermission in longer movies? We opened up the phone lines to get your opinion.
00:43:45 9/11/2019
What did your kids bring to school that got YOU in trouble? A hornets nest...really?!?! Plus, there is a company that will let you keep your deceased loved ones tattoo.
00:29:30 9/10/2019
Broadway's daughter is getting married 10/12...and the bridal shower is this weekend. He has some thoughts on that. Plus, the owners of Companion Kombucha came in studio to educate us on what exactly kombucha is.
00:44:20 9/9/2019
Monday may not be our favorite day of the week...but everyone has a reason to be happy. We ask who are ya, where are ya and why are you happy? Plus, Broadway kinda went to the air show this weekend...kinda.
00:40:40 9/8/2019

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