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Join Creative and Culinary Director Amy Tobin every week for Amy's Table: A Guide to Living on Cincinnati's Q102. Amy will share tips for a happier, healthier you along with inspired ideas for recipes, and more!


Amy's Table

There's More to a Porch Party than a Nice Porch

Amy chats with Denise Gee about the drinks, foods and decor that make the perfect party on the porch or deck or backyard!
00:13:45 8/15/2019

Past Episodes

Amy chats with Steven Raichlen about his book "Project Smoke" featuring tips, tricks and lore about smoking meats.
00:12:40 8/15/2019
We all can handle the microwave and the toaster. Amy chats with Paula Marcoux about how to really cook with fire.
00:13:45 8/15/2019
Amy chats with Kat O'Dell about the finer points of day drinking and mixing the perfect daytime cocktails. Bottoms up!
00:12:14 8/15/2019
Pinkies up! Amy chats with Charles Duque, Director of the French Dairy Board, about what cheese goes best with certain drinks.
00:14:24 8/8/2019
Grab a fork! Amy chats with David Venable about how he takes Mac and Cheese to new heights.
00:08:05 8/8/2019
Amy chats with Charles Duque, Director of the French Dairy Board about how to prep and store cheese.
00:11:30 8/8/2019
Stephanie Stiavetti wrote the book on Mac and Cheese and she talks about "Melt" with Amy.
00:13:00 8/8/2019
DIY your home decor with inspiration from Maryam Montague's Marakesh Style.
00:08:53 7/24/2019
Laura David explains how to get everyone around the table for a wonderful family dinner time.
00:06:51 7/24/2019
Alana Chernilla shares recipes, tips, hacks, how-to's and secrets from her book The Homemade Kitchen.
00:10:37 7/24/2019

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